Is Breastfeeding more beneficial than Formula feeding? One mom’s opinion.


Everyday over three million babies are born. From the beginning a newborn will ask for a basic survival necessity, FOOD! Newborn babies feed about 8 to 10 times a day newborns will ask to be fed as often as 90 minutes to every three hours. There are two different way a newborn can be fed, the first is by breastfeeding and the second is with formula. Breastfeeding babies has been the main form of feeding babies for many centuries. Whether it is by the birth mother, or what is called a wet nurse breast milk, has always been deemed the most beneficial for newborn babies. There has been extensive studies showing that breastfeeding a newborn exclusively for the first six months of life help strengthen the newborn’s immune system. Breast milk is said to contain antibodies that help the newborn fight off different ailments that will cause it harm. Not only is breastfeeding helpful for the newborn but it has many benefits for the new mother as well. The human body burns about 500 calories making breast milk, so the new mother will more than likely lose weight while breastfeeding. It also decreases the risk of breast cancer in moms.

Formula was made as a supplement for mothers to use when their breast milk has not come in, or if the mother chooses it would be best for her not to breastfeed her infant due to other circumstances. Some mothers have an issue with the newborn latching on to her breast, this can be frustrating to the mother and child. Mothers who can not produce enough breast milk to keep their child satisfied for longer than an hour. For mothers choosing to return to work right away, it will be easier to have someone else feed the child. They don’t have to worry about pumping breast milk during work hours.

The mothers that really want a break and give themselves a minute away from their new little bundle of joy supplementing formula between breastfeeding is a great option. This give the new mom a minute to breathe and give the responsibility of feeding the child to another family member. When breastfeeding alone, the child may be hungry every hour, but when they have formula it is thicker and will keep the baby fuller for a longer period of time. When trying this method it is always best to start with giving the bottle with formula to another person for the first feeding. If the mother tries to do the first feeding the infant will smell that she is near and want to be breastfeed and possibly reject the bottle.

Choosing to Breastfeed or Formula feed a newborn baby is something new mothers struggle with everyday. Both forms of feeding have their benefits and disadvantages, but at the end of the day it is the mother’s choice to choose what is right for them. While they both show there are pros and cons for each there are scientific studies that prove whichever one you choose there will be benefits for the new born child.

This blog was written by Nikki H., a mom of 3, wife and nursing student in South Florida.