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A Father’s Gift to his Pregnant Daughter


I recently went out to dinner with friends, a couple who both work in healthcare.  She’s a registered nurse and he works at a local hospital.  As a previous labor and delivery nurse, she was excited to hear about my life as a doula and very excited to tell me about the gift her new husband gave to his pregnant daughter, her new stepdaughter this past Christmas.  This father was widowed when his two daughters were under 10 years old. He was both mom and dad to them for years.  When his oldest got married and moved out of state he knew she would knew be starting a family on her own one day soon.  Fast forward three years and this young pregnant first time mom was excited and scared about finding out she was having a baby.  Knowing she wouldn’t have her Mom to guide her during this time and be there in the delivery room, he gave her most amazing Christmas/Baby Shower gift….he hired a childbirth and postpartum doula for her!

When my friend was telling me the story I almost cried, the love this father had for his daughter is beautiful. He knew she would need someone to help guide her through her pregnancy, labor and delivery and he knew that it couldn’t be him. He had been dad and mom her whole life but he knew she needed someone more motherly to assist her during this time and his gift was welcomed with open arms! Her doula helped her with all her questions and talked to her about her dreams and fears. They wrote out a birth plan and followed it though. Her dad could have easily bought her a crib or car seat or new wardrobe for the baby, but instead gave her a beautiful gift that she will remember forever.  Want to give the gift of a doula to a loved one? Contact me today! I am currently accepting clients in the Coral Springs and surrounding areas.


This blog written by Lisa Raynor, a childbirth and postpartum doula in Coral Springs, FL.  She is also a mom of three boys, a wife, and loves to blog about pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum care and breastfeeding.

Lisa Raynor

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