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Beaches, Bikinis, and Post-Baby Bodies

post-baby bodies beach

Ft Lauderdale Beach Staycation

  As a doula, I can’t always leave town for a summer vacation and often have to take local staycations, usually to the beach. After spending a week on Fort Lauderdale beach for my staycation this summer, I saw so many post-baby bodies in bikinis. Some people don’t think that the words “beaches”, “bikinis”, and “post-baby bodies” can’t go together, but as a doula and a mom, I disagree. It was encouraging and refreshing to see women proud to wear bikinis after having babies. Some women wore a one piece, but the majority of the women decided to bare it all on the beautiful South Florida beaches in really cute bikinis and looked great!


It was refreshing to see moms let go and have fun!

I talked to a few mom who recently had babies and was so proud when the women didn’t feel insecure about their post-baby bodies. A lot of women have stretch marks, a lot of women have cellulite a lot of women have scars, but it doesn’t make them any less beautiful! It was wonderful to see so many moms chasing their little ones on the beach now worrying about being judged for not having a flat stomach or six pack abs. It was refreshing to see moms let go and have fun!

pregnant mom south floridaSociety put so much pressure on women to get back to their pre-baby body ASAP and it’s just not that easy. It took you 9 months to put the weight on, give yourself at least that long to take it off. Your body has been through the most miraculous change and needs time to get back to the way it was. Also, some moms may never get back to their pre pregnancy clothes or pre pregnancy weight and that’s okay. Your body carried a beautiful child for 9 months, you went through hours and hours of labor, give your body time to recover before stressing about the number on the scale or the way your old jeans fit. Focus more on your baby and the weight will come off slowly, but surely.

 I actually focused on enjoying the South Florida sun and beach and not what I looked like, as a mom of 3 children! 

After my week on the beach I am proud to say that I am more comfortable in the skin that I was in as well. Some days I still wore a one-piece, other days a two-piece and sometimes  I just stayed in a sundress, but I was comfortable! I focused on just enjoying the time with my children and my husband! I actually focused on enjoying the South Florida Sun and beach and not what I looked like, as a mom of 3 children!


This blog written by Lisa Raynor , a childbirth and postpartum doula in Coral Springs, FL.  She is also a mom of three boys, a wife, and loves to blog about pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum care and breastfeeding. Lisa attends births throughout Broward County and Boca Raton. Call for a FREE consultation today! 954-914-3933

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