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9th Month of Pregnancy in South Florida

pregnacy broward county doulaPregnancy can sometimes tests our patience to the max! It’s best to keep busy during your 9th month to make the time go by faster. Find activities you love to do or try some new ones. Always consult with provider before trying any new fitness activities or sports. Depending on the time of year that you’re pregnant, you can spent much of your 9th month outdoors enjoying the South Florida beaches and year round warmth. Even in winter time South Florida’s expectant moms can spend days or nights outside enjoying the beach, the sand, the sun, and the attractions of our beautiful state. If your 9th month is in the summer, stay indoors and stay hydrated during peak sun hours. Go see a movie or two and laugh a little. Bowling or painting are a safe and fun indoor activities for expectant moms.beach ft lauderdale south florida


The key to getting through your 9th month of pregnancy is preparation and patience. Read pregnancy and nursing books and finish decorating your baby nursery.  Now is the time to buy the final items off your baby registry. This is also the time to finalize your birth plan or like us doulas say, “birth preferences”. This is also your last chance to hire a doula or baby nurse if you haven’t done so already (the best time to do this is during the 2nd trimester, but better late than never). A doula will still play an important role in your birth and be a great asset to your birth team when hired later in nursery south florida

During your 9th month of pregnancy don’t forgot some “me time”. Take a few prenatal yoga classes, there are so many locations in South Florida. Take a childbirth education class at your hospital, birthing center or even online. Tour your hospital then have lunch with your partner, mom or doula. You’ll also want to treat yourself to a spa day. Prenatal massages are a great way to relax and unwind during your 9th month of pregnancy. Getting an adjustment from a chiropractor is a great idea as well. Your doula can offer recommendations for great prenatal massage therapist or chiropractor in your area. Eat at your favorite restaurants and enjoy every minute if this final month of pregnancy, believe or not you WILL miss it.

baby shoes south florida

This blog written by Lisa Raynor , a childbirth and postpartum doula in Coral Springs, FL.  She is also a mom of three boys, a wife, and loves to blog about pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum care and breastfeeding. Lisa attends births throughout Broward County and Boca Raton. Call for a FREE consultation today 954-914-3933!

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My letter to Wendy Williams on Breastfeeding Shaming!  

Dear Wendy,

My name is Lisa Raynor, I am a childbirth and postpartum doula in Coral Springs, Florida. I am also a mom of three amazing boys that I breastfed for several months each. I support a woman’s choice to feed their children in the most natural way possible. I support and encourage my clients to breastfeed whenever and WHEREVER they need to!

I never was a fan of your show and watched it ONLY because I am a HUGE fan of Alyssa Milano. I was excited to see her interview because she is such an advocate for mom, especially breastfeeding moms. She’s done much to normalize breastfeeding and I thought the show would be wonderful and empowering to women! I knew the topic of breastfeeding would be brought up. As a doula, it’s always a hot topic, it’s the best food for babies, everyone knows that! I loved nursing my boys and always encourage my clients to nurse.

The interview started off great, until you insulted her about breastfeeding her children, saying it makes you uncomfortable and should be done under a blanket or in the car!  You found nothing wrong with the picture of Miley Cyrus and everything wrong with Alyssa’s breastfeeding pictures because according to you breasts are sexual objects! Calling breasts “fun bags” was offensive and rude. Breasts are not a play toy and sexualizing breastfeeding is what makes people like you feel uncomfortable.  You really owe your guest an apology for the way you spoke to her and treated her and all the other breastfeeding moms. I am so glad she stuck up for herself and other nursing moms. When I was a young mom, I was shamed into breastfeeding in the car or in a bathroom and it was appalling to hear you suggest that to your guest Alyssa Milano!

If you ever decide to have her back on the show, I will buy a ticket and be in the front row!  I hope she brings the baby on stage and breastfeeds right there! I will also encourage my clients and breastfeeding friends to attend the show and nurse their babies in the studio audience. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I am still shocked and disappointed from you Wendy.



Lisa Raynor~Childbirth and Postpartum Doula


P.S. I’m sure this picture I attached will offend you, so my advice is to look away or get over it. I say that in the nicest way possible!breastfeeding

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Exercises to Help You Prepare for Childbirth  

pregnacy broward county doulaPreparing your body is just as important as preparing your home for a new baby. In addition to choosing furniture and bedding, consider choosing some exercises to prepare your body for childbirth.  I share these exercise with all of my clients and I am happy to share them with you! As always, check with your doctor to make sure you don’t have any limitations before you attempt any of these exercises.

Tailor Sitting

What is it? This is an exercise that strengthens and stretches muscles in your back, thighs, and pelvis, and improves your posture. It also keeps your pelvic joints flexible, improves blood flow to your lower body, and eases delivery.

How do I do it? Sit on the floor with your back straight in the “butterfly position” (the bottoms of your feet together and your knees dropped comfortably). As you press both knees gently toward the floor using your elbows, you should feel a stretch in your inner thighs. Don’t bounce your knees up and down rapidly. If you find it difficult at first to keep your back straight, use a wall to support your back. Hold the position for 10 or 15 seconds and repeat the stretch five or 10 times.

You’ll find this exercise is not difficult to do, and it feels great. Your body is more flexible during pregnancy, and this exercise capitalizes on your newfound flexibility.


Kegel exercises

What is it? The pelvic floor muscles help support the pelvic organs: the uterus, bladder, and bowels. If you tone them you’ll ease many discomforts of late pregnancy such as hemorrhoids and leakage of urine.

How do I do it? Try to stop the flow of urine when you are sitting on the toilet without tightening your abdominal, buttock, or thigh muscles. When you’re able to successfully start and stop urinating, or you feel the vaginal muscle contract, you are using your pelvic floor muscle, the muscle you should be contracting during Kegel exercises.

You can do Kegel exercises two ways: either by holding or quickly contracting the pelvic floor muscle. To do slow Kegels, contract the pelvic floor muscle and hold for three to 10 seconds. Then relax and repeat up to 10 times. To do fast Kegels, quickly contract and relax your pelvic floor muscle 25 to 50 times. Relax for 5 seconds and repeat the set up to four times.


What is it? Squatting is helpful during labor because it opens the pelvic outlet an extra quarter to half inch, allowing more room for the baby to descend. But squatting is tiring, so you should practice it frequently during pregnancy to strengthen the muscles needed.

How do I do it? An exercise called a wall slide is especially helpful. Stand with your back straight against a wall, place your feet shoulder width apart and about six inches from the wall, and keep your arms relaxed at your sides. Slowly and gently slide down the wall to a squatting position (keeping your back straight) until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold the position for five to 10 seconds, slowly slide back to a standing position. Repeat five or 10 times.

Pelvic tilt

What is it? Pelvic tilts strengthen abdominal muscles, help relieve backache during pregnancy and labor, and ease delivery. This exercise can also improve the flexibility of your back, and ward off back pain.

How do I do it? You can do pelvic tilts in various positions, but down on your hands and knees is the easiest way to learn it. Get comfortably on your hands and knees, keeping your head in line with your back. Pull in your stomach and arch your back upward. Hold this position for several seconds. Then relax your stomach and back, keeping your back flat and not allowing your stomach to sag. Repeat this exercise three to five times. Gradually work your way up to 10 repetitions.

These exercises can yield great benefits with minimal effort. The exercises require no special equipment except comfortable clothes, and a little space to do them.


Source: The Mayo Clinic


This blog was written by Lisa Raynor, a childbirth and postpartum doula in Coral Springs, FL.  She is also a mom of three boys, a wife, and loves to blog about pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum care and breastfeeding.  She has been living in South Florida for over 35 years and is active in the birthing community in and around Broward County.


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How Can a Doula Help You With Your Birth?

pregnancy doulaDoulas have knowledge and experience in almost everything related to pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum care. Doulas can offer recommendations and resources for an expectant mom and her partner. Doulas can answer non-medical question related to pregnancy, childbirth, epidurals, breastfeeding and so much more. Doulas can also provide support and encouragement for you and your partner during your pregnancy.

Research studies have shown that the type of support provided by a doula can result in many emotional and physical benefits for the laboring mother and new baby, including fewer medical interventions and improved mother-infant bonding.

​Having a doula means you’ll benefit from continuous emotional and physical support from someone trained and experienced in assisting birthing women. In today’s busy hospital environment it is unlikely that a nurse will be able to provide this type of continuous support. A doula will get to know you and your wishes before the birth and can help you advocate for your choices during the birth. Every baby’s birth is the birth of a new family as well and a doula can support all members of the family, including fathers, siblings, and grandparents, as they welcome their newest addition.

As a childbirth and postpartum doula I enjoy assisting my clients with their pregnancy related questions and concerns. I give a lot of attention and information to my clients and am available for their needs during their pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period.


This blog written by Lisa Raynor , a childbirth and postpartum doula in Coral Springs, FL.  She is also a mom of three boys, a wife, and loves to blog about pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum care and breastfeeding.

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What a Childbirth and Postpartum Doula Does Not Do!

lisa raynor doula boca

As a doula I do NOT:    

  • Make decisions for you. I will help you get the information necessary to make an informed decision. I will also remind you that there is a departure from your birth plan.
  • Speak to the staff on your behalf. I will discuss your concerns with you and suggest options, but you or your partner will speak on your behalf to the clinical staff.
  • Perform clinical tasks, such as blood pressure checks, fetal heart tone checks, vaginal exams etc. I am there to provide only physical comfort, emotional support and advocacy.
  • Interfere with medical staff during labor and delivery. I will be by your side comforting and encouraging you while the doctors, nurses and medical staff do their jobs
  • Judge you or your partner for any decisions you make during your pregnancy, labor and delivery. This is YOUR labor and delivery and as your doula, I support you 100%.
  • Push my views or opinions on my clients. I will answer questions honestly when asked and give my opinions if asked, but never push my views on clients.
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Doulas Don’t Get Holidays Off! I got a lot more than turkey on Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving-doula baby1058682_960_720Thanksgiving 2015 will be one that I will never forget! I got a call in the morning from a client who was 39 weeks pregnant, saying she was pretty sure she was in labor. She had been having contractions most of the night and felt that she needed to go to the hospital soon. I got ready and packed my doula bag with the things that I would need to support my client in labor and then I headed to the hospital in Boca Raton, about 30 minutes from my home in Coral Springs.

Upon arrival, I saw my client smiling and excited that she was going to meet her new baby. She chose not to find out the gender and I was excited to know if she would have another boy or another girl. Most of my clients chose to find out the gender prior to delivery, so this was my first “surprise doula baby” and I was sure it was another doula baby GIRL for me. I seem to have more doula baby girls, than doula baby boys!

The labor was progressing slowly, so we walk the halls for a while after being admitted. My client and her husband then decided that she would rather spend early labor at home and go back to the hospital when she felt like she was in active labor. I agreed that it was a great idea! Laboring at your own home can be alot more comfortable for moms, than being stuck in a bed at the hospital. Freedom to walk, eat drink, shower and sleep without interruption is great for early labor!

She labored at her home for a few more hours, while I had a quick Thanksgiving dinner with my family. She kept in touch with me through text and phone calls until she felt like she needed my support.   After some delicious turkey and stuffing, I joined her at her home and realized she was in active labor and it was definitely time to go to the hospital. I drove with her and her husband to the hospital and supported her during some intense contractions during the 30 minute drive from Coral Springs to Boca Raton. I called her midwife to let her know to meet us at the hospital and thankfully she was only 10 minutes away.

We arrived at the hospital right around 7:15pm and she was wheeled up to labor and delivery and told she was over eight centimeters. Minutes later her water broke and she felt the need to push. Her midwife walked in at that moment and she began pushing. I supported my client while she delivered her beautiful Baby BOY  at 7:37pm!  Only 22 mins after arriving at the hospital! No pain medicine, no epidural, no directed pushing, just mom and baby doing what they needed to do!


I was not upset about having to work on Thanksgiving at all! Being a doula means you don’t get holidays off! Babies come when they want, whether it’s on a Monday, a Saturday, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, someone’s birthday or your own birthday. I knew going into this career as a childbirth and postpartum doula that I might miss certain events with my family and that’s okay I understand.  It was an amazing experience. It was a Thanksgiving Day I will never forget!

This blog written by Lisa Raynor , a childbirth and postpartum doula in Coral Springs, FL.  She is also a mom of three boys, a wife, and loves to blog about pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum care and breastfeeding. Lisa attends  births throughout Broward County and Boca Raton. Call for a FREE consultation today!

Lisa Raynor -Childbirth and Postpartum Doula

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What You Can Expect From ME As Your DOULA!


As your doula I will provide you with:

  • Emotional support during pregnancy! I will be there to answering non-medical questions. If I don’t know something I will try my hardest to find it out and let YOU know.
  • Suggestions for comfort measures for pregnancy.
  • Recommendations for childbirth education.
  • Recommendations for books related to pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding. Also, I have several books you are welcome to borrow as well.
  • Breastfeeding support immediately after delivery and during postpartum period. Also recommendations for an IBCLC if you need that as well.
  • Relaxation techniques during pregnancy as well as labor.
  • Visualization techniques and other coping techniques during your labor.
  • Massages and other comfort measures such as counter pressure, rebozo and suggestions of positions during labor to ease pain.
  • Support and encouragement during difficult labors. You CAN do this and I will remind you of that!
  • Explanation of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding terminology. If I don’t know something I will try my hardest to find it out and let YOU know.
  • One  or Two (2 hr) prenatal meeting to discuss your birth plan talk about your fears, concerns or anything you want!
  • Being on call 24/7 until your labor begins from 38-42 weeks. You will have my cell number, home number and at least 2 additional numbers to reach me!
  • Continuous labor support at the hospital, during labor & delivery and immediately after birth.
  • Words of encouragement when you feel down- and we all get like that!
  • One or Two (1-2hr) postpartum meetings to talk about the birth, help with baby care and breastfeeding. I don’t mind light housekeeping, running local errands or light cooking for my clients during these visits.
  • Phone support and text support during pregnancy and during postpartum period. Late night and weekends are ok too! I will always either answer or call back.
  • Weekly phone calls, texts or emails- or more if desired- You let me know what your needs are!
  • Lots of genuine concern for your well-being during pregnancy, labor and delivery.
  • Non-judgmental support in every decision YOU make in YOUR pregnancy, labor and delivery.
  • A payment plan that fits your budget. I believe every woman deserves a childbirth and postpartum doula, so if you are not able to afford my fee I am open to discuss special arrangements.
  • pembroke pines doula clientThis blog written by Lisa Raynor, a childbirth and postpartum doula in Coral Springs, FL.  She is also a mom of three boys, a wife, and loves to blog about pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum care and breastfeeding.
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Is Breastfeeding more beneficial than Formula feeding? One mom’s opinion.


Everyday over three million babies are born. From the beginning a newborn will ask for a basic survival necessity, FOOD! Newborn babies feed about 8 to 10 times a day newborns will ask to be fed as often as 90 minutes to every three hours. There are two different way a newborn can be fed, the first is by breastfeeding and the second is with formula. Breastfeeding babies has been the main form of feeding babies for many centuries. Whether it is by the birth mother, or what is called a wet nurse breast milk, has always been deemed the most beneficial for newborn babies. There has been extensive studies showing that breastfeeding a newborn exclusively for the first six months of life help strengthen the newborn’s immune system. Breast milk is said to contain antibodies that help the newborn fight off different ailments that will cause it harm. Not only is breastfeeding helpful for the newborn but it has many benefits for the new mother as well. The human body burns about 500 calories making breast milk, so the new mother will more than likely lose weight while breastfeeding. It also decreases the risk of breast cancer in moms.

Formula was made as a supplement for mothers to use when their breast milk has not come in, or if the mother chooses it would be best for her not to breastfeed her infant due to other circumstances. Some mothers have an issue with the newborn latching on to her breast, this can be frustrating to the mother and child. Mothers who can not produce enough breast milk to keep their child satisfied for longer than an hour. For mothers choosing to return to work right away, it will be easier to have someone else feed the child. They don’t have to worry about pumping breast milk during work hours.

The mothers that really want a break and give themselves a minute away from their new little bundle of joy supplementing formula between breastfeeding is a great option. This give the new mom a minute to breathe and give the responsibility of feeding the child to another family member. When breastfeeding alone, the child may be hungry every hour, but when they have formula it is thicker and will keep the baby fuller for a longer period of time. When trying this method it is always best to start with giving the bottle with formula to another person for the first feeding. If the mother tries to do the first feeding the infant will smell that she is near and want to be breastfeed and possibly reject the bottle.

Choosing to Breastfeed or Formula feed a newborn baby is something new mothers struggle with everyday. Both forms of feeding have their benefits and disadvantages, but at the end of the day it is the mother’s choice to choose what is right for them. While they both show there are pros and cons for each there are scientific studies that prove whichever one you choose there will be benefits for the new born child.

This blog was written by Nikki H., a mom of 3, wife and nursing student in South Florida.

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5 Unique Gifts That a New Mom Would LOVE!

gifts for new mom boca
 1. Lunch or dinner – New moms are tired and need to eat, so bringing a new mom a meal would be a great gift for the entire family. Make sure to find out if the new mom or anyone in the family has food allergies.

2. House cleaning- Hire a cleaning person to come either right before baby comes home or right after. Mom will be so busy with the new baby that she will love to skip laundry, dishes and floors and just enjoy her infant.

3. Newborn photos – Who doesn’t love pictures of their baby? A newborn photo session is a great gift for a new mom.

4. Maternity photos -Capture those last few weeks of the pregnancy glow with a maternity photo session and treasure the memories for a lifetime.

5. A doula – Studies show that the presence of a doula during childbirth can decrease the need for pain medication such as epidurals, lessen chance for a C-section and increases success in breastfeeding, as well as many other benefits. If you are interesting in gifting a doula to a friend of family member in Coral Springs, Parkland, Boca Raton or surrounding areas in South Florida, please contact me for a free consultation.


Coral Spring DoulaThis blog written by Lisa Raynor, a childbirth and postpartum doula in Coral Springs, FL.  She is also a mom of three boys, a wife, and loves to blog about pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum care and breastfeeding.

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Places You Should and Should Not Breastfeed Your Baby.

You should NOT breastfeed your baby in a bathroom. You are not doing something that is dirty or unsanitary; therefor you shouldn’t do it in a place that might be dirty, unsanitary, uncomfortable or not convenient for you.

You should NOT breastfeed in a fitting room at a department store. You are not trying on clothes; you are feeding your child in the most natural way possible.

You should NOT breastfeed in a corner of a room under a blanket in the dark with the door closed so no one sees or hears you. What you are doing is amazing and shouldn’t been hidden from the world.

Where you SHOULD breastfeed… Anywhere and everywhere!!! Wherever you are….whenever you want… around anyone you want. It’s your right!



This blog written by Lisa Raynor, a childbirth and postpartum doula in Coral Springs, FL.  She is also a mom of three boys, a wife, and loves to blog about pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum care and breastfeeding.

Lisa Raynor -Childbirth and Postpartum Doula

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