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Documenting Your Birth in Pictures

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You’ve picked your hospital, you’ve chosen your obgyn or midwife,  you’ve hired a doula and taken childbirth classes. Great job, but have you thought about who will take on the role of capturing those first precious moments after your little one is born? Most soon-to-be parents plan out every last detail of their little ones arrival, but they don’t always consider who will be taking pictures during baby’s birth. An increasing number of moms are leaving that important task up to a professional.


Who Do You Trust?

You probably didn’t trust your wedding photos to be taken by a relative, friend or employee of the venue, so when it comes to your birth, shouldn’t you hire a professional? Every member of your birth team has their own important role. A professional birth photographer will have one role and one role ONLY, to capture those precious moments for you to treasure forever. Your partner and doula are busy keeping you relaxed and comfortable, your nurses are busy attending to your medical needs and your doctor’s role is to deliver a healthy baby in the safest way possible. Your child’s birth is such an important day and it should be documented!

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words!

Have you ever wondered what your reaction will be when you see your little one for the first time? Do you wonder if your partner will cry when the baby is born?  A birth photographer can capture these images and so much more!  A trained birth photographer sees through a different set of eyes than you and me. They can find beauty in the smallest detail, they don’t see an object, they see a memory. Birth photos capture a moment in time and freeze it forever.  Most people have an idea of what these photos will look like, and a lot of times they are wrong. Birth photography isn’t bloody and gross, it isn’t full of nudity or scary images that you can’t share with others; It’s actually beautiful! Take the time to sit with a professional birth photography and see how amazing birth photos can be.


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You’ve Got ONE Chance!

Your child is only born once, this is her only “birth”day. You’ve got one chance to capture pictures of this birth. You can redo newborn photos and maternity phones, but you can’t redo birth photos.  Baby makes her grand entrance only once, make sure you capture that memory!


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This blog is written by Lisa Raynor, a childbirth doula and mom of 3 boys in Coral Springs, FL. Over the years, Lisa has work with many families, including first-time moms, VBAC, teen moms, high risk moms and moms working with fertility doctors. Lisa offers compassionate support to moms in Boca Raton, Parkland, Coral Springs, Ft. Lauderdale and Surrounding areas. Lisa has attended births at every hospitals in Broward County and Boca Raton. Call today to schedule your complementary consultation 954-914-3933. All photos were taken by Paulina Splechta  of

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