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My First Doula Client!!

lisaThe day was finally here!!! The day I had been anticipating for months! My first ever client and doula baby was going to be here. I was hired by her mom when she was about 30 weeks pregnant. I have known her for years, we have both lived and worked in Coral Springs and were friends. When she found out that I was doing my certification to become a childbirth and postpartum doula she called me up and asked me if I would be her labor coach. I actually cried when she asked me!!! I still think it is such an honor to be invited into someone labor and delivery room, to be present on the most important day of a parent’s life.  I happily accepted the invitation and we scheduled our first prenatal appointment for the following week.

Her birth plan wasn’t too complicated, this wasn’t her first baby so she knew more or less what to expect from labor and delivery. Her OBGYN’s office was in Coral Springs, but she choose to deliver outside of Coral Springs at the beautiful and newly remodeled North West Medical Center in Margate. Her doctor scheduled her to be induced at 39 weeks fearing she would have another very large baby.  Her prior 2 babies were over 9lbs and her recovery was very painful. She knew she wanted an epidural and wanted to labor in a quiet peaceful setting.  She wanted soft music in the background, dimmed lights and the TV off.  I helped her have all of this. She wanted someone by her side the entire labor and delivery and I did this for her as well. I held her hand during each procedure and exam. Before getting her epidural I rubbed her shoulder and back during contractions and helped her to breathe, relax and focus. Once epidural was in place, she rested and I made sure to keep room quiet and peaceful, I took that time to update her friends and family on her process which they all appreciated.

When it was finally time to push, my client was a rock star! Only 4 big pushes and baby was here! Her beautiful 7lbs 9oz baby girl was placed immediately on her belly and dad and I both cut the cord (at her request). That was another honor and something I will never forget! I spend the next few minutes taking the first pictures of mom and baby, dad and baby and texting her friends and family the good news! This was one of the best days in my life and one I will never forget. I plan on writing another blog going into more detail of actually labor and delivery soon, but wanted to share my “first doula client and baby” experience as simple as sweet as possible.


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