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Push Presents in South Florida

push present south florida

Push Presents are a growing trend among expectant moms in South Florida.

If you are pregnant or know someone who’s pregnant in South Florida, you’ve probably heard the words “push present” before. A “push present” or “push gift” is a present you give to a new mom, in celebration of the new life she’s brought into the world. Unlike the gifts a new mom gets from a baby shower, a push present is a gift that’s all about her, and not her baby. A push present is generally given by the baby’s father and may be presented  before, during or after the delivery of the baby. This is definitely a very common trend among pregnant women in South Florida and all around the country.

As a doula in South Florida, I often hear my clients talk about what their push present will be.  Sometimes it’s something small and sentimental, other times it’s something huge. Not all of my doula clients have gotten a push present, but a fair share have.  This is currently quite a followed trend, so to all the dads out there: your wife may have high expectations from you. Here’s a list of some of the most popular Push Presents for moms-to-be in South Florida

push present south florida

A glider or rocking chair is a popular push present for moms in South Florida

Top Popular Push Present Ideas for Moms-to-Be

1. Jewelry

2. Massage or Spa Gift Card

3. Diaper Bag

4. Glider or Rocking Chair

5. Car


When I had my children, we didn’t have “push presents” but times have changed in the decade since I delivered my last son and push presents are here to stay!


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