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Should I Take Maternity Photos?

The short answer is YES! Yes, you should document this beautiful journey with maternity photos! Maternity photos freeze a moment in time when your baby is safe and secure inside you, kicking and moving, and waiting to meet his/her loving parents. Below are some of the most popular types of maternity photos.

Photo by Alissa Delucca

Beach maternity photos have been popular for years! Expectant moms can wear a bathing suit, a skirt and bikini top or a beautiful dress.  Many moms opt for sunset or sunrise beach maternity photos, while other actually like to be photographed in the water. The choices are endless. The only downside to beach maternity photos is the weather. It could be too hot, too cold or it could rain. A great photographer will inform you of the best days and times to schedule your maternity shoot.

Photo by Erin Martin Photography

In-studio maternity photos are great for moms-to-be who prefer to be dressed up and photographed indoors. Your growing belly can still be accentuated but you’ll be covered more than a beach shoot and don’t have to worry about the weather causing any problems. Many photographers work with a hair stylist and make up artist who will complete the look for your glamorous maternity pictures. A great photographer will provide gowns and accessories to for your photo shoot.

Boudoir maternity photos have gained popularity and my clients love them. Pregnancy can be very sexy and having a boudoir maternity shoot can document this time perfectly. Boudoir photos can be done in your home where you’ll feel most comfortable.  You would provide the lingerie and accessories but your photographer will offer suggestions that will help you look and feel your best. The pictures generally aren’t shared with friends and family, they are usually something special and private to share with your partner.


Maternity photos can range in price from just a couple hundred to thousands. When asked about hiring a professional photographer, my answer is always YES! Yes, you should hire a professional photographer for your maternity photos. Hiring an experienced professional photographer will make the difference between pictures that are just” OK” and pictures that are breathtaking and worthy of being hung in your home for all to see! Ask local moms, your doula or your OBGYN or midwife for a reputable photographer in your area.


This blog is written by Lisa Raynor, a childbirth doula  and mom of 3 boys in Coral Springs, FL. Over the years, Lisa has work with many families, including first-time moms, VBAC, teen moms, high risk moms and moms working with fertility doctors. Lisa offers compassionate support to moms in Boca Raton, Parkland, Coral Springs, Ft. Lauderdale and Surrounding areas. Lisa has attended births at every hospitals in Broward County and Boca Raton. Call today to schedule your complementary consultation 954-914-3933. 



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